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The prime tasks of the IQAC are:

The main motive of this alma mater is to give a perfect shape to the character of the students, molding and shaping its students so that they can become a useful & responsible part of this society. Without making any type of compromise to it's excellence, this institution aims at building confidence in average student who constitutes the nation of tomorrow. Solid steps are taken by us to see that students' interests do not get deteriorated by over emphasis on building up the comparatively sharp (brighter)boy or girl. The sole aim of this institution is to make sure that the enrolled students not only maintain their early performance but also put efforts to become better to best. To achieve this aim, we have applied a system of supervision and guidance by dividing large section of classes into smaller sections, so that special attention & care to be paid to the students. Teacher in charge pay special heed towards the educational needs of the sudents. This system of guidance and supervision helps us to maintain healthy teacher-student relations. Our emphasis is not on the mechanical imposition of discipline through a system of punishment, but to create a self-regulatory discipline among them, so that they obey rules not out of external fear of punishment but due to their inner self-discipline/practice. "Internal Quality Assurance cell" which is the distinct feature of our college is assuring quality.

The IQAC report of the college can be viewed here:

The IQAC meeting was held on dated August, 24 2019

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